Frequently asked questions

I'm a tourist from abroad! Which phone number shall I use?

Please register your regular mobile phone number or landline. Try to remember your PIN. To avoid the high roaming charges, call from a nearby public phone and you will be asked to enter your registered phone number and PIN so the system can identify you.

Tipp: If your phone is registered in Europe and you are calling one of our European hotlines the call charge is limited by EU law to 43 ct./min. A usual rental call takes less than 30 seconds.

I don't have a mobile phone at all, how do I register?

Please register your regular landline number. To rent bike, call from a nearby public phone and you will be asked to enter this number and PIN so the system can identify you.

How much is it to call your hotline?

We do always provide a national landline number as hotline. We don't use expensive service numbers! In general its one of the lowest prices in your mobile phone plan. Please have a look at the price list of your provider.

The phone system always asks for my phone number and PIN!?

Please be mindful of having the calling-number-transmission activated. In some mobile phones this is called "Send my caller ID". If not, the phone system will always ask you if you are an existing customer or a new customer, and you always have to provide your registered phone number and your PIN. Sometimes it works by adding *31# as prefix to our hotline and to store it this way in your phone book, like *31#903323423523.

Are there other ways to rent a bike - beside the the phone call?

No. Currently you can only rent a bike via Terminal.

How long does it take to activate my account?

Credit card customers are activated instantly. No difference if they register here on our website or via callcenter. You will receive an email and a text message as soon as your account gets active.

I don't have a credit card!?

We are sorry that you are required to provide a credit card for renting a bicycle.

Can I lock the bike to have a break?

Naturally, one can lock the bike at any interval of the journey. The code remains the same during the whole rental period. The lock is the same as any other combination lock in that you will need to enter a given combination to open and close the lock at will. Just shift the numbers of the lock so that nobody else can open it.

Can I change the lock code?

The previous customer may know the last code and take your bike. Even though this happens almost never, you can change the lock code upon rental on our hotline. Simply press the according digit on your phone, when you are asked if you like to change the code. The system will tell you a code to open the lock and one to change to. It will describe how it works again. First you will have to enter the first code, then open the lock, press the lock button, enter the second code and finally release the lock button!

I forgot my PIN!?

Please call our callcenter and ask for a new PIN.

How many bikes can I rent at once?

Every new customer is allowed to rent up to 4 bikes at once. The callcenter staff can change this number according to your rental history. So please don't hesitate to ask if you are an experienced user.

More questions?

Please call our friendly callcenter staff or post a message on our contact form.

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