How it works

Our bikes are available around the clock at many locations. Simply hold your ELKART in front of the sensor and take the bike. To return a bike simply put it back to the rack. You can register here or with your first rental on one of our stations.


To rent a bike you need a credit card! Just enter your mobile phone number, your name and your cedit card details and off you go! If you have an ELKART you are requested to place it in front of the sensor during registration.

If you already registered for nextbike on our website, place your ELKART in front of the sensor and enter your phone number and PIN. From now you only need your ELKART to rent and return bikes.

  • Place ELKART in front of the sensor
  • Bike will be released automatically
  • A signal on the rack shows selected bike.

You will see the bike lock code on the terminal and you will receive a notification to your mobile (TXT message or short phone ring).


  • Move the bike into the rack
  • A signal on the rack indicates a successful return

Please lock the bike with the combination lock after returning it.


Before you can use the bike rental system we register your personal information once. On following rentals our system will identify you via your phone number. After your registration you can use the system in all cities and countries. You can rent up to four bikes with one customer account.


You can pay by credit card. Yo prove your payment details we will deduct TRY 1 from your card. This amount will be credited directly to your account.

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