Prices and liability

Thanks to its combination of an as easy as flexible rental-process and the involvement of our ad-partners we are able to offer very attractive prices.

Our standard rate:

30 minutesTRY 0,25
2 hoursTRY 1
more than 2 hoursTRY 2 + TRY 0,75/hour

You can return the bikes at official locations. Please find the locations in our location list.

Further service fees:

  • Return at non-official locations or areas: 4 TRY per km, at least 20 TRY
  • Equity contribution by damage or theft: 300 TRY

These fees will be accruing because of the logistic effort. Thank you for your understanding.


In the event of damage or theft, a fine of 300 TRY shall be imposed upon the offender. In the event of gross negligence or any premeditative damage incurred, the offender will be held liable to the full extent of the law.

The bike is in your responsibility from the moment you receive your combination codes until our service team has checked the bike or until somebody else decides to rent the bike. Check-ups can happen randomly (48 hours at the most after the return of the bike).

You will find further information in ourterms and conditions.

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